Getting there

Preliminary program
Submit your own contribution to falbala (at) chaos (minus) siegen (punkt) de.

Timetable #

The events in the timetable take place online. The link to the stream will be published on the timetable.

Digital 2D world "Chaosworld #

The "Chaosworld" is a 2D world in pixel art on which participants can move freely. They can also engage in conversation with each other. For this purpose a headset (headphones and microphone) is highly recommended or even necessary. Explanations will follow here in the next few days.

You can reach the 2D world via this link:

Recording a presentation #

Edition19 offers the possibility to record a presentation in advance. The talk would then be streamed on Chaosflux, a Q&A session afterwards will then take place live. Please send requests for lecture recordings to falbala (at) chaos (minus) siegen (punkt) de.

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